It is from our own experiences and shared vision that the idea of our Virtual Studio took shape. Pilates is our thing, as you’ll see from our qualifications, but what about the rest of it all? Coping with busy lives, workplaces, time restraints and family commitments? Needing to deal with stress, loss, or anxiety? What about the menopausal changes that complicate our lives? We wanted to provide information and potential solutions… all in one place.

In our  Members Area, you will find the Virtual Studio. Informative Pilates sessions which can be hand-picked by you when you need it: Morning stretch? Pre-surf or climbing workout? Abs session? Or more specific… lower back pain? Shoulder and neck tension? Well, it’s all here and more sessions are added monthly.

The other bits

We are not giving you a recipe book but wanted to share with you our favourite vegetarian meals. Quick and easy to prepare, nutritious and simply delicious, delivered to you via meal ideas and recipe cards. These could be used for a personal journey into feeling healthier and stronger, for weight management or even if hosting dinner for friends or family.

Our lifestyle approach…? Well, exercise (Pilates/movement) and nutrition are your absolute basics but without good mental health, we will all flounder. So, this is the part for personal discovery. Understanding how to reduce stress, anxiety, or mood swings and step away from stressors that deplete you. Using strategies like mindfulness, time in nature, and making environmental changes to bring control and calm to your lives. Changes to inspire and empower you.

Just as importantly, we strive to create a community. A place where people can connect. We have a dedicated online community group for PHP members and opportunities to join us via zoom for free workshops and events. All of this is in PHP MEMBERS.

Packages start from £25.00 a month.

Jess lauren Bannister pilates health project

Why choose us?

Both Jess and Lauren come from active backgrounds. As a youngster, Lauren was an athlete, and this drove her lifestyle and career decisions. With hand on heart, she will admit that she took natural strength for granted; she pushed her body and did not think about the consequences (a career in skydiving spanning many years is an example of this). Roll on twenty years and several broken bones and her body began to tell her that she was not invincible! Again, this guided her decisions. She qualified as a nutritionist, became a Master Pilates Teacher, and then trained as a Woman’s Health & Menopause Coach. Subconsciously, she was looking for the answers to her own un-asked questions.

All the while, her daughter Jess took a very similar path… a long-jumper and netball player in school, and a lacrosse player at university whilst studying Sports Science.

Lauren welcomed her decision to qualify as a Pilates Teacher as Jess is a natural teacher and empath. Although not yet thirty, she has lived and can relate to people in a way that is truly inspiring. A mindfulness session with Jess is food for the soul, and her actual food… simply mouth-watering!

Below are some examples of the recipe cards that are including in our recipe section of our Virtual Studio. 

Jess lauren Bannister pilates health project




If you need support on how to sign up and create an account, please check out our step-by-step guide on our blog.