Shoulder, Neck and Facial Pilates Workshop

Join Jess on our Shoulder, Neck and Facial Pilates Workshop

A two hour Pilates session that is devoted to understanding the health and function of the shoulder girdle, improving posture and releasing neck and facial tension. 

Located at our private studio, workshops are designed for small groups (max 5 people). They are the perfect way to enhance your own practice as we create specific programmes which are tailored to each workshop topic.

This time, we are focusing the whole 2 hours on the shoulders, neck and face because these parts of the body don’t always get looked after in the way they need. If there are issues in these areas especially the shoulders and neck, it can be extremely uncomfortable. Your daily routine could be affected as movement might become restricted, which would ultimately affect posture. 

We have designed a programme of exercises that strengthen the correct muscles to support the weight of the head, release the shoulders and create stability within the upper back which rebalances the spine. And with practice will create habits for better posture!


Facial Pilates… sounds like an odd one! But think about this; there are so many tiny muscles in the face and they need to be worked to keep them firm (and happy). Hey, maybe facial exercises could naturally reduce the appearance of wrinkles? Working the muscles at the front of the neck and under the chin may have some desirable benefits also? It‘s always worth a try! 

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(find out more about the shoulder and facial Pilates below!)


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On a more technical aspect of Facial Pilates… it will help mobilise and strengthen the jaw. The benefits of a healthy jaw? Is a long list… it is good for speaking, eating, singing, facial appearance, pain relief, reducing tooth wear, clicky jaw and many, many more. If you are worried that you may have a problem with the alignment of your jaw, I would speak to your doctor / GP.


Want to learn more about the shoulder?

The shoulder girdle is a ball and socket joint which means it has a very large range of movements making it extremely mobile. However, this socket is fairly shallow (especially when compared to the hip joint) and this makes the joint vulnerable and susceptible to injury.

Keeping the shoulders healthy is very important, even just to carry out daily routines. Picking things up off the top shelf, tying your hair up, even putting on a jacket can become extremely challenging if you have injured the shoulder.

 Common injuries



Soft tissue tears

Arthritis / osteoarthritis

How to help injuries and avoid future ones

  • If it hurts during a movement then avoid that situation- allow it to rest and recover naturally. Don’t overwork it as that may just cause more injury and it will take longer to recover.
  • Keep it mobile as long as that doesn’t hurt. Keeping a joint mobile is so important for joint health. It will stop the joint feeling stiff and sore and will help the joint regain its range and will avoid prolonged weakness.
  • Slowly re-strengthen the muscles and soft tissue around the shoulder girdle- without weight first then gradually increase resistance.
  • Warm up before exercise / loading the shoulder.
  • Listen to your body- if it hurts don’t force any movement.

All opinions are genuine and my own, I have a degree in Sport Science and I am a fully qualified Pilates Teacher.

J x

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