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What is Pilates? 

Pilates equipment

Pilates is a controlled method of exercise that uses mind and body connection. It focuses on joint balance and correct movement patterns. Retraining our bodies to improve stability and mobility and aids more efficient and mindful movement. 

Pilates was developed in the 1920s by Joesph and Ciara Pilates and has been adapted over the years and Pilates can either be mat or equipment based. 


Our classes in the community are matwork- based classes where we focus on correct alignment and core control. Each week will build on the skills learnt from the previous so there is natural progression over the course of classes. Over the course we use small equipment including yoga blocks, stretch bands, overballs and occasionally the tennis ball! Due to Covid we now require everyone to buy there own equipment for health and safety. 


We also offer Reformer Pilates in our private studio. Reformer Pilates is a great way to improve your technique. The Reformer uses springs as a resistance which helps your progress in your pilates journey much quicker than on the mat alone. 



Weekly matwork classes for groups of 12 


1:1 in the our private matwork studio or the reformer studio 


2 hr long matwork workshops that are each tailored to a specific topic, just choose the one that suits you the best


1.5 hours of matwork Pilates followed by a healthy plant-based brunch with a selections of teas and fruit waters

reformer pilates studio