Our main focus is Pilates, running alongside that we also provide a holistic approach to changing your lifestyle; through diet, relaxation, mindful living and eco living.


the practice of good movement, focusing on mind and body connection, joint balance/ mobility and core stability. Pilates exercises have been broken down into smaller movements to suit all abilities. Which allows progression to more challenging levels of intensity. Pilates can be tailored to any individual- improve the ease of daily activities, or used by athletes to improve performance. It is often used in rehabilitation to help with injury


looks at your diet and eating habits, the aim is to make productive changes with food consumption so that it enhances your bodies natural defences against harmful substances and toxins that affect your health. By making gradual small changes to use more sustainable products. This not only has positive effects on the environment but also drastically improves your health and can reduce toxin exposure


Using mediation and relaxation techniques to help reduce the stress response and feel calm and prepared for the day ahead

Pilates equipment



Jess Bannister is a University Sport Science graduate. After graduating she furthered her education and knowledge by qualifying as a Level 5 Detox Specialist and a Body Control Level 3 Pilates Teacher. Recently, she has gone through the Pilates Reformer qualification and the Intermediate Matwork Certification to increase her Pilates repertoire. With this fresh perspective and up-to-date knowledge, Jess is able to use that knowledge to help those who wish to change their bodies inside and out. Practising Pilates is so mindful and the benefits of Mindfulness have  presented themselves so much in Jess’s life. Therefore, Jess is currently training to be a Mindfulness and Life Coach to help people further, the mind and body are deeply connected and it’s now become passion to look at both when working to improve your health.



I love to keep an active lifestyle. Since moving to North Devon I have had many opportunities to try new activities and pick up wonderful hobbies like climbing, surfing and long-boarding.


  • Body Control Pilates Matwork Teacher (Level 3)
  • Body Control Pilates Intermediate Matwork trained
  • Body Control Pilates Reformer
  • BSc Sport Science Degree
  • Mindfulness & Life Coaching (Diploma)- in training
  • Detox Specialist (Level 5 Diploma)
  • Gym Instructor (Level 2)
  • Emergency First Aid at work


  • Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering (Level 2)
  • Climbing Wall Instructor
  • Mountain Boarding Instructor ATBA (Level 1)
  • Mountain Biking Instructor MIAS (Non-technical terrain)


Lauren Bannister is a Master matwork and Studio equipment Teacher. Lauren is highly qualified and has been a Pilates Teacher for over 17 years. Laurens knowledge is second to none and experience of Pilates is vast. Lauren owns TAW VALLEY PILATES and runs local morning classes throughout the week. We work closely together with our retreats and workshops.


I’ve been working in the Sports & Fitness Industry for over twenty years, teaching Athletics, Netball, Swimming and Self Defense / Kick Aerobics. After spending 10 years working abroad as a Skydiving Instructor and as a United States Parachute Association Freefall Instructor Examiner. I then moved back to the UK and trained as a Pilates Instructor, dedicating years to Pilates and setting up relationships with Doctors, Osteopaths and other Clinical practitioners to work together with patients in their rehabilitation. 


  • Body Control Pilates Matwork (Level 3)
  • Body Control Pilates Master Matwork Teacher with honours 
  • Body Control Pilates Reformer 
  • Body Control Pilates Cadillac with honours 
  • Body Control Pilates Back4Good Practitioner
  • Pilates Pregnancy & Exercise 
  • Pilates Level 3 for the Older Person
  • Body Control Pilates Level 3 in Bone Health
  • Body Control Pilates and Scoliosis
  • Body Control Pilates for Golfer
  • Body Control Pilates Performance (for Sport)
  • REPs Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor (Low Back Pain) 
  • Body Control Pilates Association Supervising Teacher for Devon
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